Fishing Charters

Go Fish!

The abundant fish and shellfish living in waters off Gloucester attract anglers from around the world.  There are several charter boats to take you out for that big trophy, or you can fish from shore or pier. (Note: Anglers need a Saltwater Fishing permit to fish from shore or in a private boat.)

If you plan to take a charter boat, your captain will take care of it for you. Anglers will find plenty of opportunities around Gloucester. Bluefish and striped bass can be caught close to shore by surf casting or fly fishing.  Make sure your gear is up to the task; you’ll need steel leader if it’s bluefish you’re after. Flounder can be caught from a pier or rock wall. Timing matters – change of tide is the best time for fishing.  Deep sea fishing for cod, haddock, striped bass, shark & tuna will require a boat.

There are both large and small charter fishing operations in town that can get you on the water.  Most will rent gear and even clean your fish for you. Bait, tackle, ice and fishing tips can all be found in downtown gear shops.


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