Eating Lobster 101 | Lobster Fast Facts

August 27, 2018 / Good to Know, Things to Do & See

Eating a boiled lobster for the first time? Here is a handy step-by-step diagram showing the basics steps to eat a boiled lobster. First, you’ll need the proper utensils, a lot of napkins, a bib is optional, and a lot of melted butter. Enjoy!


Lobster 101-Discover-Gloucester, MA


Lobster is a sustainable local fishery. Look for colorful lobster buoys in the harbor and flat topped lobster boats working the traps. Lobster is always in season—and always delicious.

– Lobsters are related to insects, crabs and spiders.

– A female lobster carries her eggs on the underside of her tail for 9-11 months. If an “egger” lobster is caught, she is tagged and returned to the water. Tagged lobsters, if caught again, are returned to the water to preserve the breeding stock.

– A one-pound lobster may be between 6 and 9 years old. The record is 44 pounds.

– Lobsters can use the fine hairs on their legs to “smell.”


Lobsters are caught in traps. Look for the colorful buoys floating in the harbor. Each lobsterman has his own colors and patterns to help him easily find and mark his traps.