7 Unique Travel Destinations and Recommendations

January 30, 2020 / In The News, Outdoor Adventures, Things to Do & See

Special Permission to Post Excerpt from Wandersful’s 7 Unique Travel Destinations and Recommendations by Travel Editor, Robin Catalano |  Published January 30, 2020 | Photo: Robin Catalano

Discover Gloucester was so fortunate to meet Travel Editor Robin Catalano at last year’s New York Times Travel Show. Robin came to visit us this past summer and wrote a fabulous piece all about Gloucester and her experience here in 7 Unique Travel Destinations and Recommendations — and now Gloucester has been selected in Wanderful ‘s feature as ONE of SEVEN places to see in the WORLD in 2020 and the ONLY PLACE IS THE USA — how fabulous is that!

You might not think of Gloucester, Massachusetts, as an international destination—heck, you might not even think of it as an American destination—but that would be a mistake. While Boston and Cape Cod get the lion’s share of Massachusetts notoriety, the “other Cape,” Cape Ann, is where you should be heading for your next coastal trip.

Beneath Gloucester’s stony beauty, its whooshing waves, its tourist-appropriate veneer—the upscale waterfront restaurants, the harbor cruises, the chic downtown boutiques—lies the pulsing heart of a city that doesn’t just follow the rhythm of a different drummer; it leads the entire band. It’s a city that takes pains to preserve its fishing-industry roots…

In the travel world, we often talk about “authentic experiences,” some of which are little more than studiously plotted-out tours of the new and the now. You want a truly authentic travel experience? Put Gloucester on your trip list.

Read Wanderful’s full article here: https://bit.ly/37QMQMT