In the News: Join a sea shanty sing-along with Gloucester’s David Coffin

February 16, 2021 / Art and Music, Good to Know, History/Maritime, In The News, Things to Do & See

PERMISSION TO POST FROM THE BOSTON GLOBE | Written by Lauren Daley | February 15, 2021
Sea shanties (or chanties) have been part of Gloucester’s history for ages and can still be heard to this day through local singing groups across Cape Ann and globally through the digital landscape. Originally working songs, this style of singing has become even more popular today, especially during the pandemic and the TikTok shanty craze that bring folks from all over together building a community of singers and listeners. Gloucester’s own shanty master is quite familiar with the global shanty craze as he shared in The Boston Globe article, Join a sea shanty sing-along with Gloucester’s David Coffin.

As evidenced in a viral video from Portsmouth, N.H., that landed him a role in the Amazon movie “Blow the Man Down,” it’s hard not to sing along with Gloucester’s David Coffin.

The trend is “phenomenal for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which is keeping the tradition alive,” Coffin told the Globe in January. “It’s creating something that’s really important right now when everyone is locked away in their homes — a sense of connection and community through music. If you can’t sing together live, let’s sing together online and create music and share it with people you’ve never met.”