Gloucester Fresh Seafood


The fishing industry has been an integral part of the Gloucester community since 1623. Since then, the city has taken significant steps to promote sustainable seafood both regionally and nationally. Gloucester Fresh Seafood supports “America’s oldest fishing port” by bringing attention to the many fish markets available that supply local, fresh seafood. The program helps local fishermen, some of whom are fifth and sixth generation, and markets that have a long tradition of providing quality fresh fish, shellfish, and value-added seafood products.


In March, the City of Gloucester led a public-private partnership initiative at the Seafood Expo North America 2018 to further educate people about the importance of fresh and sustainable seafood. In January 2017, the City of Gloucester was recognized with a USDA Rural Business Development Grant, and most recently, the Gloucester Fresh program was awarded a $110,000 grant by the Seaport Economic Council to continue branding and promoting locally landed seafood.


The Gloucester Fresh Restaurant Membership Program is an innovative initiative designed to promote Gloucester seafood and the restaurants that serve it. For eager restauranteurs interested in providing their customers with local, sustainable seafood, the “Gloucester Fresh Restaurant Membership Program” provides several advantages, including the promotion of seasonal seafood, underutilized species for creative and cost-effective recipes, and cohesive branding of Gloucester Fresh across signage, promotions, and outreach.


The Gloucester Fresh Restaurant Membership Program is dedicated to serving as a collaboration that will benefit all facets of the seafood community –from the fishermen to the wholesaler to the restaurant service industry – while at the same time benefitting the public on the value of consuming fresh, locally landed Gloucester seafood.


Gloucester Fresh is an initiative of the City of Gloucester and sponsored by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USDA, and the Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries.